The New Bamboo Compression Shorts to Boost Performance

Compression shorts can boost performance, thanks to their ability to influence muscle healing and recovery. Crafted from natural bamboo fibers, great-quality compression shorts allow your skin to breathe and stay cool while you work out, plus feel safe in the knowledge youve chosen a renewable, non-plastic, high performance garment. Heres everything you need to know about the best new bamboo compression shorts.

What Makes Great Compression Shorts?

  1. Bamboo Clothing Provides Moisture-Wicking Capability

You know how hot you get during an intense workout, but did you know your activewear can have a huge influence on your ability to cool down? Bamboo fibers in great compression shorts are not only renewable and great for the planet, but they allow moisture to be drawn away from your skin to be lost through evaporation. This process instantly cools you, so youre able to keep pushing hard at your activity without overheating.

  1. High Performance Compression Levels

Great-quality compression shorts offer compression in a range proven for optimum recovery, usually between 10-30 mmHg. After exercise, minuscule micro tears occur in your muscles, causing minor swelling in your tissues. High-quality compression pants pump this swelling away from your tissues to help your muscles recover from activity faster. This means you can return to running the next day, instead of waiting two days for your muscle soreness to subside. Exceptional compression garments also help to enhance agility and decrease muscle fatigue and perceived exertion.

  1. Athlete Performance Is Dependent on Fit

Compression garments are  effective only when they fit absolutely perfectly. Great quality compression garments are crafted with real athletic bodies in mind, understanding the shape and form of mens and womens unique traits. When you purchase great quality compression shorts, you know youre buying a garment made according to the measurements of a real, active body.

  1. Bamboo Clothing Is Eco-friendly and Sustainable

As you know, the textile industry contributes around 10 percent of global waste output each year. The good news is, you dont need to add to this burden if you choose eco-friendly clothing. Renewable fibers and non-plastic driven design can now be found in activewear brands to create high performance, comfortable compression like no other. Oshən compression shorts are made from a “Not From Plastic” (NFP) Sports Fabric that consists of renewable bamboo fibers, an eco-friendly alternative to plastic and nylon, allowing athletes to make conscious choices that the sportswear they choose wont damage the environment and pollute the oceans.

What Do Many Compression Shorts Lack?

The most common issue people find with poor quality compression shorts is their inability to promote air flow. Many brands choose synthetic fabrics that are created for stretch and compression, but dont have the same breathability and wicking capacity as natural bamboo fibers. This leads to decreased endurance and increased dehydration as your body fails to maintain its temperature.

Poor fit is another common issue many consumers find with compression shorts. Many brands dont consider the form and fit of men and womens unique bodies, making compression shorts almost unbearably uncomfortable for anyone with a curvier figure. Luckily though, great brands use premium fabrics and fit techniques to cater to a greater range of body types.

Key Benefits of Oshən Compression Shorts

  1. Stinson Compression Shorts - Men
  • Two-layered design for comfort and confidence: NFP compression shorts underneath an NFP Sports shorts layer
  • Natural fiber core that holds and breathes while it regulates your body temperature to help keep you cool
  • On-trend, mid-length design adding a stylish edge to your athleisure looks

  1. Brighton Compression Shorts (2.5& 6) - Women
  • Multi-purpose compression shorts for all sports
  • Short and mid-length available to suit any active womans coverage preference
  • On-trend when paired with a crop top or multi-purpose sports bra
  • Back pocket and inside pocket for your essentials
  • Slightly elevated waist for comfort during high-intensity sports

Compression shorts are the perfect way to boost your performance, whether you need to work on that layup, jump higher at dance class or knock a minute off your running PB. Look for exceptional quality and fit created in eco-friendly, natural fibers for the ultimate compression garment.


Caitlin Reid is a Holistic Physiotherapist, Wellness Retreat Host and founder of evidence-based wellbeing brand Aprivé Wellness. She has worked in private practice in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, and works as a freelance writer and journalist.