In a world where the benefits of breathing are stressed, shouldn't our clothes follow suit and breathe naturally as well.  We have LONG been asking ourselves this question.  The other day I was wearing a "very pretty" simple designer dress of nylon/poly and decided to run some errands - it was a very lovely day! Within an hour my dress was suffocating me as there was a sweat build-up at the waistline, I had to run home and take it off.  Perhaps wearing the dress would be okay withins the confines of air conditioning, but once in the natural world the nylon/poly became unbearable.  

OSHeN has some wonderful bamboo/spandex lightweight fabrics that are also perfect for dresses and pants, so we hope designers will begin to look at bamboo fiber/viscose in a NEW way.

Below are some of the terrific qualities about BAMBOO Clothing found in an article (Earth Easy Guide):

Breathable- The porous qualities of bamboo fiber account for its breathability; clothing made of bamboo resists clinging during hot weather, walking or exercise.

Bounce- Bamboo has a natural slinky bounce.

Thermal Regulating - The nature of bamboo fiber means that it helps ensure you are warm in the Winter and Cool in the Summer.  It also has excellent wicking qualities.

Absorbs Moisture - A cross-section of bamboo fiber reveals various micro-holes, allowing bamboo cloth to have superior absorption.  This allows bamboo cloth to absorb and evaporate human sweat rapidly.

Anti-Bacterial - Bamboo fabric contains a naturally occurring antimicrobial agent, KUN, that prevents bacteria from cultivating on it, which means it helps you to be odor free.

Manufactured and Sourced Responsibly - All of our bamboo is harvested without any deforestation, or the use of any and all chemical fertilizers.  The bamboo viscose is manufactured in a completely CLOSED-LOOP process.

Thanks for listening and we look forward to working with brands and designers who choose BETTER FABRICS for a BETTER FUTURE.