We hear everyone talking about our watershed and asking why cotton is not the best crop for it, but why?  Why is Bamboo good for the watershed?

The "watershed" refers to the area in which the river system collects precipitation from a designated area of land.

A river's flow, velocity, water captivity and course changes as water accumulates at the lowest point on the landscape and flows toward the ocean.

Cotton requires so much water to grow that not enough passes through it to the end body of water ( rivers and oceans).  Cotton also creates stress on the soil surrounding its periphery.  

Bamboo does not require much water at all so it allows the water to pass though it and can also behave like a shield for the earth and help it to retain its stability!

It is very important to note that water shed put simply means the flow of water from land to sea, so it is of extreme importance that nothing harmful is left on earth's surface as it will end up in our oceans.

This is one of the many reasons OSHeN chose Bamboo!