Let's talk about the clothes we wear...

Activewear and Streetwear are a huge part of our identities, as we figure out what is best for our workouts as well as how we like to present ourselves.

Most activewear is comprised of nylon and polyester and these are plastics that are not good for the environment, nor do they possess any redeeming qualities for our bodies.  By now we're aware of the "Plastic Island Debacle" and micro fiber invasion of our oceans.  What we do not realize is that our bodies are affected by the chemicals in our clothing as well.

Nylon/Polyester "plastic" is inert and therefore requires chemicals to give them the qualities in activewear they tout:  wicking, breathability, thermoregulation, absorption, flexibility and compression.  Nylon uses acid dyes and polyester uses disperse dyes both of which are bad for our bodies.  As you workout and your pores enlarge due to sweat the chemicals from your clothing can seep right back into your bloodstream.  Does this sound like a health and wellness attribute - I think not!

Bamboo is a live plant so that its qualities such as: breathability, flexibility, compression, absorption, softness, strength and temperature control are all inherent and natural to the bamboo plant.  Bamboo is dyed with fiber reactive dyes, these are non toxic and are in no way harmful to our bodies.  

Let's talk Formaldehyde...can this be a good chemical for us to allow into our bloodstream?  Formaldehyde is a colorless, strong smelling gas used to preserve and embalm dead bodies.  It is also used in building materials and other household products.  In recent years it has been brought to our attention that the activewear industry uses Formaldehyde as a wrinkle free, shrinkage free and carrier chemical for dyes or prints.  Formaldehyde is considered a carcinogenic substance when ingested frequently - how frequent do we wear our workout gear?  

I hope this short blurb will serve to open your eyes to the chemicals found in our clothing and when you are given a choice take the better - and that is BAMBOO!!!

Until next time ...