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We are revolutionizing the luxury ready to wear and active/athleisure industries with our innovative series of sustainable-natural fabrics of stretch: bamboo - merino wool - cashmere. OSHәN's fabrics are ONE-OF-A-KIND and have created a new CANVAS on which designers can create! We have achieved superior performance in our fabrics and our lives while not compromising our skin, environment, or the ocean's vitality.

Biodegradable and takes no irrigation, fertilization, or replanting.
Allows moisture to evaporate into the air and thermally regulates body temperature.
Bamboo is a natural fiber that is sustainable and durable making it great for all types of activities.

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Merino-Wool Stretch Series

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Merino-Wool Stretch Series


1.  78% merino/22% spandex - 250 grams - 110 TOP merino wool

2.  79% merino/ 21% spandex - 340 grams  110 TOP or 80 TOP merino wool

Ultra Luxury meets Wear and Function:

We're featuring our wool products as they are one-of-a-kind fabrics and not on the market anywhere else.  The fabrics are canvases on which designers in the ready to wear and active-athleisure companies can create.  They are a compressed single knit, there is no other fabric that is as versatile and yet structurally stable as this merino wool.  All of the natural attributes of wool remain intact, sustainability, moisture-wicking, fine to the skin, temperature regulating, and all over luxury.  Our wool is Woolmark labeled and RWS and G.O.T. certified.  We are beyond excited to be bringing you this innovative fabric!


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