"THE TEGGING" - Between a Tight and a Legging - NFP Stretch

So, when your go-to legging and tight are just not right, you have yet another option and it's called The "TEGGING".  

OSHeN Fabrics has created NFP Stretch (210gms) of Bamboo/Spandex.  This fabric can bring your fashion or active company to another level as there is no other product like this on the market.  Sometimes leggings  are just too heavy and tights are way too flimsy - in walks your new wardrobe staple - The TEGGING.

When Sustainable and Biodegradeable are musts put your wardrobe to the test and use the best materials you can find for your products.  Introduce your consumers to something new for which you can actually be proud.  


OSHeN's NFP Stretch fabric is derived from the MOSO species of Bamboo.  The MOSO species is especially durable and holds all of the pertinent qualities we adore of majestic grass/weed we call Bamboo.  MOSO...

1.  Grows faster than any other plant in the world.

2.  Bamboo Forests, even when cultivated, can flourish and maintain most of their natural biodiversity.

3.  Bamboo has none of the usual susceptibility to pests.  The soil can support bamboo naturally, with little of no additives.  Wildlife is able to obtain its natural habitat.

Grow your Co with Bamboo and use NFP Stretch (210gms) Bamboo/Spandex.